Grieved by the lives lost as a result of this pandemic and inspired by the need for disrupting systems of racial and economic inequality within marginalized communities, we are designing a crowdsourcing platform for the general public to contribute ideas, share personal stories, memorialize loved ones, and examine statistics related to our collective COVID-19 experience.


The COVID-19 Impact Dashboard includes an open source database featuring at-a-glance data that makes it easy to trace the progression of the pandemic. In addition, we will gather human-centered soft data contributions in the form of personalized memorials and community voices to influence political action. By developing a local rendering of the impact of the pandemic over time, we will be able to motivate and sustain action. We believe we can better assess impact and make change by seeking input from a wide variety of collaborators, including other coders, designers, journalists, activists and data artists.


The purpose of this project is to provide a “living” platform of crowdsourced information that will enable us to collectively:

  • Mourn and memorialize the thousands dying everyday from the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Assess the impact on the families and communities of the deceased
  • Build enduring institutions to mitigate the suffering caused by the pandemic and address systemic inequalities exposed by the pandemic

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COVID-19 Impact Dashboard

COVID-19 Impact Project on github

Sponsored by:

EP Visual Design, Inc.

Additional funding:

EPV Foundation, Inc.

Special Thanks

A special thanks to the team at EP Visual Design.

  • Phil Sinatra
  • Jervis Thompson
  • Bridget Musolino
  • Kaelyn Douville
  • Eric Horst